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Visual ordering makes the decision-making process delightful and quick.

Our Mission

To provide the best digital food ordering experience

Lazymeal is an online food marketplace featuring high quality photos founded in Vancouver BC, serving consumers, offices and local restaurants.

Lazymeal‘s goal is to offer an online food ordering experience that is second to none. Eating is a daily event for everyone. We believe it should be something enjoyable and fulfilling. Lazymeal strives to be a convenient, easy, and reliable option for everyone who needs to order food on-demand or in advance.

Our Values


The success of Lazymeal is our only focus. All decisions are based on the long-term survival of our organization.

Transparency & Integrity

Uphold and promote honesty and sincerity in all interactions. Do the utmost to deliver on our commitments. Share thoughts and feelings with authenticity, acknowledge our mistakes, and constantly work to improve.

Provide an Equal Opportunity

Foster a level playing field for all. Value objective evidence over subjective opinions. Evaluate without prejudice. Inspire change through leading by example.

Innovate & Utilize

Do few things, as well as possible. Be aware of our time resources and allocate them carefully. Value the service providers we utilize to fill in our gaps. Leverage our partnerships and outsource everything beyond our scope and focus.

Lead a Balanced Lifestyle

Strive for a healthy balanced approach to work and life. Optimize energy then time. Life is enhanced by the people we surround ourselves with. Breathe deeply and appreciate the moment.

Work Smart, Not Hard

Begin with end in mind. Focus on simplicity and incremental progress. Measure, improve, repeat. Maximize our team’s collective potential.

Meet our team

Shervin Enayati
Amir Omidvar
Ryan Charmley
Soroush Seif
Mehran Matin
Payman Shojaie