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Terms of Use

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lazymeal Terms of Use

lazymeal's Terms of Use apply to the lazymeal website, the lazymeal blog, as well as the lazymeal mobile site. Only after you have read, accepted and agreed to our Terms of Use will you be able to proceed with placing your lazymeal order. Please read these terms in full before using our site to place an order.

Agreeing to lazymeal's Terms of Use

You agree to lazymeal's terms of use by browsing, accessing or generating content on any of lazymeal's sites. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, please do not use lazymeal to place your meal order.

lazymeal's License

What are you Allowed to do on lazymeal?

lazymeal allows you to view pages, share lazymeal links via email or social networks, print and download pages from lazymeal for non commercial use in accordance with the Terms of Use and Canadian copyright laws.

Using, copyrighting, modifying, creating derivative material or plagiarizing lazymeal logos, trademarks or content for purposes such as resale, reuse and unauthorized distribution is a breach of copyright.

Distribution of software, products and services is prohibited, as well as accessing lazymeal via a web crawler, extraction software or similar variations.

What Code of Conduct Should you Apply when Using lazymeal?

You must comply with Canadian laws regarding online conduct, as well as Canadian copyright and fair dealing laws.

Commercial Use

You agree that you will not use lazymeal for illegal purposes including any acts of infringement, using the site for commercial intentions and activities aside from processing the meal order.

You agree not to post reviews of restaurants created with commercial intentions.


You agree not to copy any content from lazymeal, including restaurant menus and third-party reviews for print or online republication.

Violation of lazymeal Sites and Security

Efforts to interfere with lazymeal sites via attempts to enter other computer systems without approved consent from lazymeal is forbidden. Installing viruses and other malicious software and files is also not permitted in accordance with Canadian law.

You agree that a violation of the security of lazymeal sites, in addition to interfering with networks, servers, accounts, passwords, the lazymeal system, and those of our participating restaurants is illegal.

Legal Age

You must not be a minor, and therefore must be over the age of 14 to use lazymeal.


Using a card that does not belong to you as a method of payment requires the consent of the card holder. By placing your meal order on lazymeal, you agree that the third party has consented to your use of their card.

How Should you Engage with Site Content?

Because lazymeal allows you to submit and share user generated content such as blog posts and restaurant reviews, you must agree to the following Terms of Use:

Language and Respect

You will refrain from using abusive and profane terms, including attacks of a personal nature that express sexual, racial or religious biases, as well as other expressions of discrimination and hate.

First Hand Experience

You agree that you are the creator of the content you submit, and that you have first hand experience with the participating restaurant if you choose to write a review.

Privacy, Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

You will not express misleading, inaccurate, unfair or defamatory claims that violate privacy rights, or that contain exaggerated claims about lazymeal or a related third party.

You agree not to use copyrighted content without the consent of the owner, and you agree not to breach intellectual property rights.

Commercial Use

You agree not to advertise, promote or trade any goods or services that do not adhere to lazymeal, including negative reviews posted by competing restaurants or declarations of health code violations.

You also agree not to promote any personal causes of a political or religious nature, or similar, and you agree not to promote illegal acts including the violation of any right of any person or business.

You agree not to generate content that links to any commercial website. You agree not to include content that is offensive and inappropriate for minors, and you agree not to submit malicious software and files such as viruses and similar.

lazymeal's Management of your Content

Because lazymeal encourages user generated content, you agree to give lazymeal rights to archive, use, copy, modify, distribute and create derivative work from the content you have submitted to lazymeal.

You agree to give lazymeal the right to use any submitted information for any purpose, including but not restricted to promotion and marketing, as well as development of products and services. You acknowledge that you agree to the rights described in the latter paragraph without expecting any form of credit to you.

You also agree to have your content appear in search results that can be accessed by users on lazymeal.

lazymeal's Responsibilities Regarding your Content

User generated content is not sanctioned by lazymeal and does not represent the views of lazymeal or its partners. You agree that lazymeal does not account for the reliability and accuracy (or lack of) expressed in user submitted content. Additionally, lazymeal does not account for the information submitted by third parties. This includes information such as restaurant hours, services, parking, as well as menu pricing and items, which are subject to change without notice. Please email [*LINK/ADDRESS] to notify us or inquire about any inconsistencies regarding the menu and/or pricing.

Editing and Removal of User Generated Content

At its discretion and without prior notification, lazymeal reserves the right to review, edit or remove any submissions that violate the Terms of Use stated above.

If you are a copyright owner and believe that the copyright of your content has been breached and has been published on our site, please send us a physical or electronic signature stating the nature of the infringement, the content that has been infringed, your contact information so that we may process a response, and the request for removal. Please note that you must also state that the information is accurate and that you have received consent from the copyright owner to process your claim, if the copyright owner isn't processing it him/herself.

lazymeal's Proprietary Rights

You agree that lazymeal has Proprietary Rights and you acknowledge that lazymeal reserves the right to all its content, graphics, interfaces, design, images, layout, software, HTML, and so forth.

lazymeal's Indemnity and Liability

You agree that lazymeal, its employees, partners and participating restaurants cannot be held liable for any damage caused, whether direct, indirect or causal, including but not restricted to claims in user generated content, as well as allegations of a breach of intellectual property, or a violation of rights and the Terms of Use.

Because lazymeal only takes responsibility for dispatching orders to restaurants, lazymeal is unable to account for food quality and standards. As such, any warranties regarding food and beverage standards may or may not be issued by the restaurant with which your order was placed.

Your lazymeal User Account

Cancelled Orders and Refunds

Refunds are offered in the event the restaurant failed or is unable to deliver the food. We do not offer refunds due to unsatifactory food due to the subject nature of the complaint. Full refunds are offered if an order is cancelled 24 hours is advance.

Accurate Information

lazymeal requires visitors to register and create an account or use lazymeal as a guest. If you create an account, you agree to enter accurate and up to date information in the registration form fields. If inaccurate and unverifiable information is entered, lazymeal reserves the right to deny future use of lazymeal sites.

Liability for Account Activity

You acknowledge that you are liable for the activities attached to your account. If you notice any suspicious activity on your account, please notify lazymeal at [ADDRESS/LINK]. You agree that you are responsible for retaining the privacy and security of your account and password. You acknowledge that lazymeal is not liable for any damages that may occur as a result of your activities on your account.

Third-Party Websites

To enhance your experience on our site, lazymeal may offer link suggestions to websites other than lazymeal. You agree that visiting third party websites via lazymeal is done at your own risk, that lazymeal cannot guarantee the reliability of these websites and that lazymeal is not responsible for the content on these websites.

lazymeal's Jurisdiction and Laws

lazymeal is based, created and controlled in Vancouver, BC, Canada. You agree that the Terms of Use will be followed in accordance with Canadian law. You agree that all legal cases arising out of the Terms of Use or associated with lazymeal must be taken to a provincial court in Canada.

Entire Agreement to lazymeal's Terms of Use

You agree that the Terms of Use on this page comprise the entire agreement between lazymeal and yourself. You acknowledge that the language in these Terms of Use are understood in accordance with fair meaning and cannot be methodically analyzed for or against layzmeal.